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Welcome to The Small Paints company, where we transform your furniture dreams into vibrant reality. Our skilled team of furniture spray painters specializes in breathing new life into your beloved wooden pieces. Whether you're looking to revamp your cupboards, wood furniture, or even kitchen cabinets, our expert wood spray painters have got you covered. From wardrobe painter services to outdoor furniture painters, we take pride in enhancing the beauty of every corner of your space. With meticulous attention to detail and a passion for perfection, we ensure that each stroke of our spray painters' brush enhances the elegance of your furniture.

Trust us to be your dedicated partners in adding a fresh, captivating coat of color to your world.

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Furniture Spray Painting

Spray painting is a fast and easy way of transforming your old furniture into something new. You can use it to give your old items a new life. It is the most popular way to paint furniture. It is also the easiest, fastest, and cheapest way to paint furniture. Apart from our services, our painters can offer you suggestions how painting wood furniture will be undertaken or which garden furniture suits the best. Being the best in the trade, our painters have access to different furniture paint colours. 

Our team also undertakes domestic and commercial painting projects. We can redecorate and bring old pieces back to life, for example, by spraying on kitchen or coffee table surfaces or our professional painters can paint doors, fireplaces, and other home decor items.

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Cost of spray painting furniture

Spray painting furniture is a great way to save money if you are looking for a new look. It is also the easiest way to change the colour of your furniture. The cost of spray painting furniture depends on the type of paint, which type of surface you are spraying, and how many items you are spraying.

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Quality, you can trust

We use only the best quality paints and materials to ensure that your furniture will look like new again. We also have a team of professional painters who are experienced in all types of furniture painting.

Elegant colours for any room

A wide range of colours are offered to match any theme or style in your house. You can choose from our wide range of colours to find the perfect one for your home.

Fast and affordable service

Fast and affordable service with no hidden charges or hidden fees is given top priority. Our prices are fixed so you know exactly what you’re paying for before we start working on your furniture.

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what our Dublin painters can do for you?

Interior Painting

Our Painters in Dublin are known to make the house glow.

Individual Object Painting

Want your desk, cabinet, door, wardrobe or literally any small thing painted? Small Paints company have got you covered

Kitchen Painting

Our Kitchen Painters can fulfil all your kitchen painting requirements like kitchen cabinets respraying, kitchen presses painting or kitchen spraying. Give us a call & our painters & decorators will be with you

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Our skilled team includes furniture spray painters, cupboard painters, and wood furniture painters. We're experts at bringing life back to your furniture, whether it's a wooden wardrobe, kitchen cabinets, or outdoor pieces. Our wood spray painters know how to make wood look amazing. If you need a wardrobe painter or someone for outdoor furniture, we're here to help.

We pay attention to the little things and add beauty to every piece we paint. Let us turn your furniture into something special with our paintbrush magic!


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