How To Paint A Room Like A Professional

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Even the slightest colour change in a room can have the most drastic effect on how the room looks and feels but choosing the right colour can be a nervy task. Many of us end up backing out of our “dream colour”, not taking the risk and instead settling for the “safer” colour. Although repainting a room is not the most dreaded of tasks, it can be costly financially speaking. With that in mind, the small paints company has compiled a quick guide to help you be brave when it comes to choosing the next paint colour in your home. From the “latest and greatest” trend, to how to visualise your new room colour to every brush and tool required, this mini-blog is your DIY 101 Guide.

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Choosing your paint colour

Apart from the safe, plain colours, like anything, room colours tend to follow trends. The ’80s was a time of avocado-coloured bathrooms and the orange and brown colours of the ’70s, remember those? Although you can be dragged into following the latest trend just to be fashionable, we suggest following your gut instinct and choosing paint colours which make your home feel like… well, home! Do not feel like it because you have a Georgian home, you need Georgian colours! Go Wild! 

o The second largest surface area of a room other than the walls is that of the flooring. When considering your next paint colour always Choose what will compliment the second biggest colour (The floor) 

o If you know for certain you are putting up a piece of artwork, hang it up first – take a step back and now begin to find colours that compliment both the artwork and the flooring. o It is a myth that white makes the room look bigger, be brave and bold! 

o Top tip Colours close to nature are calming Now that you have a gauge of what colour you are looking for its now time to go paint shopping! 

Picking up small paint samples and experimenting on a large enough area (A4 sheet size is an absolute minimum). Check the paint in the morning, day, and night (paint colour will change due to the natural light brought into the room) How paint appears will change depending on the brand but as a rule of thumb, paint finished can be categorised into:



The gold standard for interior walls. Velvety texture and reflective sheen. Also great for hiding imperfections in walls


Fairly durable, easy to clean and shows reflections. Mainly found in kitchens and bathrooms Satin Like eggshell. Same, same but different. Slightly glossier

Semi-Gloss And Gloss Paint

The most durable and glossiest! Super easy to clean

Now for the important parts: How to paint your room

o  To make it super simple and make sure that it does not get too much to take in, we have compiled the steps into small, straightforward bulletins as found below

o Wash the entire surface area with warm, soapy water thoroughly

o Tape, tape and tape! Any corners or areas not intended to be painted need to be completely covered

o Apply the first coat of primer

o When painting always remembers the order: Ceilings, walls, woodwork, floor.

o Turn off the electrics for a few minutes, remove the sockets and paint, and re-install the sockets by simply screwing back on and continue painting

o With woodwork, keep on side of the brush loaded with paint with the other relatively dry, Run the wet (paint) side through the intended panel horizontally while running the dry side through vertically to get a clean painted effect.

o 2-4 coats are needed for optimal effect As always, if your DIY job has not come out as expected and needs a retouch, or if you are simply not feeling confident or competent enough to conduct your own decorating, The small paints company are here to help! Simply call our office to get booked in for your free same-day quotation. Our professional painters will go through all the timing, colouring, and pricing concerns you may have. The small paints company offers the most competitive price across all of North and south Dublin, as well as North Wicklow.

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